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back on track fat loss bundle

Ladies, has 2020 been a disaster for you in terms of fitness and fat loss?

Maybe you started the new year well but then the pandemic struck, the gyms closed and you found yourself in a perpetual cycle of drinking and over eating.

Xmas has come and gone, the weight gain remains and you’re finding it hard to get motivated?

Fear not, we have worked with hundreds of ladies in 2020, helping them to keep moving through these strange times so that they have actually increased fitness and lost bodyfat.

Now we want to help you start the new year with a bang on our 6 week online ‘Back on Track’ programme.

Interested to learn more? Simply watch this video below now

Here’s what you get when you sign up to the black friday fat loss bundle


Immediate access to our online members area with live workouts, nutrition advice and community. This is where the 6 week programme will take place.


Our 2 'Lean for Life' digital cookbooks with a combined 180 recipes giving you a tonne of variety and ideas a plenty for what to cook.

Total Cost = £50

(Wait, have you been recommended by a friend or a partner of one of the men from the 30 Plus Mens Fitness programme? Then don’t forget to enter your code for  £10 off and get in for just £40!)

look ladies, if you are constantly…


Going around feeling tired


Stressed out trying to find the time to exercise


Feeling like none of your clothes fit


Feeling like a failure because you can't stick to anything

Then fear not, we have helped hundreds of ladies who were feeling exactly the same.

We will show you how to lose weight safely, sustainably and educate you about training and nutrition moving forward.

Check out some of our amazing results below

Now before you commit to signing up, I want you to have a think for a second. You see this plan is only for you if…

You want to make 2021 your year, no matter what is going on in the outside world


You want to learn about how to train smart (not endless 2 hour sessions and boring cardio)


You want to understand calories and protein


You want support and guidance from a highly motivated team


You to increase energy whilst losing bodyfat (YES this is possible)

However, this is not for you if:


You want a quick fix


You want results without any effort or commitment


You are NOT prepared to up your daily steps and water intake


You are going to make excuses

The programme is FOR you even if you think you are…


Too old (We have ladies in their 50s in our programmes)


Too fat


Too weak


Too tired


Too out of shape

Our programmes contain different levels of intensity so even if you are a complete beginner or regard yourself as drastically out of shape then trust me you are not.

We have catered for you all.

With all workouts you can go at your own pace and do them from the comfort of your living room or garden

Check out some of our easy to follow workout videos below.

Okay this sounds awesome so what happens now?

Well, when you sign up you’ll be sent all the digital downloads and be given access to our members’ area right away. 

So what’s the price again?

The price today is just £50 (£40 if you have been given a discount code by a Body Positive member or are the partner of one of the 30+ Men’s Fitness clients).

I hear you and I’m ready to sign up, what do I do now?

Simply click the link below to pay (if you have a discount code then don’t forget to input that).

Once you pay you will be redirected to a closed group where we will welcome you.

We cannot wait to get you on the road to improved health and fitness.

Tregs & Tinks xx